ITW002 - Shinoby - Sensory Deprivation Tank EP

A1 Shinoby - Sensory Deprivation Tank
A2 Shinoby - T.S.G.
A3 Shinoby - T.S.G. (Samo DJ + Tzusing Remix) 
B Shinoby - Sensory Deprivation Tank [Madteo's De-Sui-Ipsius-Ac-Multorum-Ignorantia-Remix feat. The Underground Padova Taximeter Gang (Giorgina,Mirko,Jacopo)] & Hiroki "It's War" Kano"

Shinoby is back!
Another 2 tracks from this new italian producer/dj.
from house to techno via raw sounds, his new "Sensory Deprivation Tank EP" is now ready.
the track A1 "Sensory Deprivation Tank" includes an ipnotic bpm slowdown and the A2 called "T.S.G." is focused on rave sounds with a poetry vocal inside.
the track A3 is TSG operated by The Stockholm / Hong Kong dude formerly known as Samo DJ and the newcomer Chinese Tzusing compiled an asian - L.I.E.S. - Born Free style remix. This is their first collaboration , recorded in their studio based in Shanghai, China. 
Recommend for the born free-dancefloor lovers!
B side is Madteo Side! 
Italy-via-NYC producer Madteo returns with a new remix on ISTHEWAY, the label operated by Italy's Shinoby.
Although his unique take on house, techno and hip-hop has now been picked up on labels like Joy Orbison’s Hingefinger and DJ Sotofett's Wania , for us Madteo’s crowning achievement (well, beyond his cheekbones) is Noi No, his 2012 album for Finland’s Sähkö that mangled and inverted everything from morbid organ riffs to Drake.
At 12:45 minutes long, it’s like opening doors between a series of dreams, and there’s no climax here: you can enter or exit at any point.
Graphics curated by talented photographer and illustrator tajik recognized as мадинамад.


vinyl only.

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